Cloud Enabled Platform

DARE platform is a cloud-ready platform using Kubernetes and dockerized environments

On-Demand Execution Environments

MPI clusters are deployed On-demand on the cloud

Monitoring Tools

Monitoring tools for job execution

Helper Functions

Client-side library to help you interact with the platform. You can find the documentation here

Resources Management

Control your cloud resources using on-demand execution environments

Installation Instructions

Easy local installation following the given instructions

CWL / dispel4py Workflows-as-a-Service

The DARE platform provides all the necessary tools to research developers to develop their scientific applications. Currently, we support two workflow languages, i.e. CWL and dispel4py

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Trace provenance logs

DARE comes with an integrating provenance service. During the workflow execution, provenance logs are saved and can be visualized afterwards using the sprov-viewer service.

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Research developers can interact with the DARE platform by making use of its RESTful API. DARE API is a composition of RESTful Web APIs exposed by the containerized versions of the underlying DARE platform components.

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Workflow Registries

Research developers can register their workflows in the respective registries (dispel4py and CWL) and then refer to them by name. This functionality enables code reusability and sharing!

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